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Excited About the Future

Posted by Jeff Tucker on

   Welcome to the new blog here at North Idaho Leather. This is a place where I hope to grow a community. A place to introduce new products, new ideas and also a place for pure honesty about our little companies values and plans for moving forward. I also welcome feedback and discussions from our customers. 

   So, what has been happening at North Idaho Leather?  Well.....   The last several weeks have provided some time for me to reflect on the last year. What a whirlwind it was!  Some good, some bad, some very frustrating issues, but overall I learned a lot.  I am aware that moving forward,  I really need to have a clear direction. This has caused me to scale back and I have dropped some products from our offering that I felt detracted from our image. 

  My hope is that I can help change our mindset about the sea of cheap, mass produced, disposable and terribly made consumer products that are all around us.   Here at North Idaho Leather, I strive to create heirloom quality products. Quality goods that your grandchildren will inherit and use. Our products are expertly made by one craftsman, using only the highest quality of materials that I can source.  We use leathers from the best and oldest tanneries in the world, which happen to be located right here in the US.  We purchase leather from Wickett and Craig, Hermann Oak, Horween, and S.B.Foot. I will have a post about these companies in the new future as well as a discussion on the high quality waxed canvas that we use. 

   While I still have a lot to figure out, there are some key elements that I really want to stand out about North Idaho Leather.  We are committed to providing High End, Handmade,  Heirloom Quality goods that carry a Lifetime Warranty.   I believe we have all of these elements in our core products and that is why they have remained on our website.  

Some may have notice that holsters have been removed  entirely, as with other firearm related products.  This was a hard decision for me as holsters are where I got my start, and I can build a darn nice holster. The problem is that there are some trends in this market that make it next to impossible to make a living.  The market is over saturated with companies who are sacrificing quality, in both materials and craftsmanship, in an effort  to lower prices and beat the competitions prices. I refuse to make a cheap holster that will fall apart in a year or 2, since this goes against my mission to make the highest quality product on the market. 
I am hopeful that after some rebranding or maybe adding a new brand,  I will bring them back without detracting from core of the company. The issue is, these will still be high end, top quality holsters that the typical department store shopper will not appreciate, therefore may only be available on request.  I’m still figuring this out.  

I really appreciate all of you who have followed along on our journey and witnessed our ups and downs, and I’m very thankful for the support from our customers. I look forward to providing high quality goods to our customers and I am excited for what the new year has in store.  Please feel free to provide feedback as I’m always wanting to learn what our customers want.  

-Jeff, North Idaho Leather  








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